22 Ways To Be A Better Advisor To Corporate Clients … Maybe 40 Ways

By shaye • June 20th, 2010

The following article appeared in the Spring 2003 issue of Development magazine. The article was written by Ron Derven, co-editor of Development magazine. The article was so right on the mark I thought I would share it with you. The points in the article as well as those that follow are exactly what we at Triumph Real Estate strive to achieve with every client. The article is in italics. Here goes …

 Speaking at recreational use of viagra CoreNet Global’s San Diego Conference, consultant David Maister of Boston, Massachusetts, offered 22 tips on how to become a better advisor.

 Do your clients say these things about you?

 My real estate advisors ….

1.                  Seem to understand us, effortlessly, and like us.

2.                  Are consistent: We can depend on them.

3.                  Always help us see things from fresh perspectives.

4.                  www viagra Don’t try to force things on us.

5.                  Help us think things through. (It’s our decision.)

6.                  Don’t substitute their judgment for ours.

7.                  Don’t panic or get overemotional. They stay calm.

8.                  Help

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us think and separate our logic from our emotion.

9.                  Criticize and correct us gently, lovingly.

10.               Don’t pull their punches: we can rely on them to tell us the truth.

11.               Are in it for the long haul. (The relationship is more important than the current issue.)

12.               Give us reasoning (to help us think), not just their conclusions.

13.               Give us options, increase our understanding of those options, give us their recommendation and let us choose.

14.               Challenge our assumptions: help us uncover the false assumptions we’ve been working under.

15.               Make us feel comfortable and casual personally (but they take the issues seriously).

16.               Act like a person, not someone in a role.

17.               Are reliably on our side, and always seem to have our interests at heart.

18.               Remember everything we ever said (without notes).

19.               Are always honorable: they don’t gossip about others. (We trust their values.)

20.               Help us put issues in context, often through the use of metaphors, stories and anecdotes. (Few problems are completely unique.)

21.               Have a sense of humor to diffuse (our) tension in tough situations.

22.              Are smart (sometimes in ways we’re not).

Sage advice indeed and something Triumph Real Estate’s Corporate Services Group strives to achieve with every client. I would personally add a few more to the list.


My real estate advisors …

1. We understand them too, effortlessly, and we like them.

2. cialis price costco Are constantly growing and are true students of their profession. They recognize there is more to learn … a lot more.

3. Are willing to lose money on smaller transactions in order to make sure the client receives complete service. The bigger ones will offset http://genericcialis-rxotc.com/ the loss.

4. Even though we are a smaller firm, they treat us the same way they treat their bigger clients.

5. Stay in touch on a regular basis and keep us informed as to all of our critical real estate dates. This gives us peace of mind and allows us to concentrate on our core business.

6. Can handle our requirements as adroitly in San Diego (or wherever) as they can handle our requirements in their Denver backyard.

7. Don’t delegate us to someone we have never met in a distant market where we need space.

8. Produce large volumes of extremely accurate work very quickly.

9. Never slow down a real estate transaction. They work late and do whatever is necessary to ensure our needs are timely met.

10. Serve as an extension of our organization.

11. is cialis generic available Are knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate.

12. Understand our user perspective and the owner’s perspective as well. This understanding facilitates getting transactions done.

13. Use team members to assist them when our requirements differ from their core expertise. They know real estate is too diverse of a field to be a generalist. They specialize to provide the best service.

14. Treat every member of our company with the same respect and the cordial manner they do the CEO.

15. Actually read our leases and provide good advice regarding them.

16. Prefer to do business with us on a handshake, the old fashioned way.

17. Save us time and money and provide us the opportunity to make well-informed business decisions.

18. Aren’t afraid to say they don’t know the answer … but will go get it every time.

 Stephen B. Epling, Principal

Triumph Real Estate Corporation

 The beginning portion of the above article (in italics) was reprinted with the permission of Development magazine.

Mr. Epling is a Principal and Director of Corporate Services for Triumph Real Estate Corporation and specializes in tenant representation in the Denver market and around the United States. Mr. Epling has over 20 years of commercial real estate experience.

Mr. Epling is a former military officer and served in numerous positions within Infantry units of the 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

Mr. Epling has published numerous articles on real estate and has taught seminars at Coldwell Banker http://genericviagra-otcrx.com/ Commercial’s Annual Conference.

Mr. Epling received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York in 1984. He currently lives in Highlands Ranch with his wife Mimi and their two children, Mary and Stephen.


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