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By shaye • May 8th, 2010

Selling a house in today’s market Best Get Your Ex Back Ebook in San Diego needs to be done right if you want your home sold in the fast time available.  Real estate agents aren’t as effective in this depressed market no matter how many promises they push.  If you aren’t preparing your house the proper way you can expect your house won’t sell in a timely manner.

First you want to give your house curb appeal.  Potential buyers in San Diego love colorfully tasteful houses and your house better appeal from the curb.  You need to make sure your home is visible from the street.  That means if you have trees draped over your front yard, taking away from the view some buyers will simply pass.  Trees are ok because they provide shade, but low hanging limbs not only can damage your home they turn off potential buyers as well.

A lot of people think you can spend a few dollars on flowers which is not the case.  Paying $15 for a tray of flowers is a waste of money.  You can buy those types of flowers but you should mix in some expensive flowers as well.  The type of flowers that cost $15 per flower.  Make sure you water your flowers everyday so they will grow and look wonderful.

Make sure there are no over grown weeds and unsightly bushes should be pruned or pulled up.  If you don’t want to maintain a lot of flowers you should purchase a few expensive bushes.  Potential home buyers, go flower window shopping and they will know if you spent money on the flowers.  Buyers will make responses like those flowers are expensive and will make them more likely to want to buy your house over the house down the street.

Next you want to make sure you take out all of your family photos on the interior of the house.  Some families are OK with pictures but pictures take away from a buyer trying to picture themselves in the house.  Put spackle over nail holes.  Also make sure that all light switches and covers look new.  Even one drip of paint can discount all the hard work you put into getting your house ready. 

If you have dingy looking furniture place some color sheets over your furniture and wrap the sheets realy tight.  Be sure to replace any fixtures that look old or dated.  The worst thing you can have is a bathroom light that looks like it has been in the house since the 80’s. 

Spend a few hundred dollars on the inside and outside of your house each and you will be ahead of the other houses on your street.

Donte Mazyck is the acquistions manager of BofC, a web-based company that buys houses from homeowners that need to sell their house fast in this depressed market. Homeowners that need to sell their San Diego house fast can go to and homeowners in other areas can go to to enter their information for a fast response. Sellers can also call toll free at 888-219-8619.


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