Commission Rebates: Know How Get the Most Out of Your Money

By shaye • June 21st, 2010

If you are thinking about investing in property in Colorado, it is necessary to know about the real estate market of the area. The rates of Colorado real estate have been affected in the recession and post-recession period; however with time the real estate market has been improving and things are looking up in recent weeks. If you want to buy a house in Colorado, now is the time.

When you want to invest in a house for sale in Colorado, but don’t want to pay the full commission price real estate agents charge you have two choices.

One choice is to be your own real estate agent. This can be very difficult. Often buyers who attempt to be their own real estate agent don’t fully understand the contract they are entering into. There are many aspects of a contract when purchasing a new home. These aspects range from simple concepts to very difficult concepts. In many instances, the buyer enters into a contract that is not the best for the possible contract for the buyer.

The other choice a potential buyer has if they do not want to hire a real estate agent is to find a commission rebate agent. A commission rebate agent assists with the closing. The buyer finds the home they would like to purchase. The commission rebate agent will then close the deal and split the commission with the buyer. This allows the buyer an agent that truly understands the real estate contract. This choice does require splitting the commission but it also keeps the buyer from entering into an unfair contract.

If you are purchasing a home in Colorado, consider using commission rebates. There are many different aspects of purchasing a new home. A commission rebate agent in Colorado will handle the hassles with regard to making an offer, negotiating the deal, and completing the legalities after you have found the home you would like to purchase.

Looking to buy a new home in Colorado, but pay the full commission a real estate agent charges? Consider a Colorado commission rebate agent and split the commission.

Tommy Lorden is a Commision Rebate Agent in Boulder, Colorado. To learn more about the Boulder Colorado real estate market or Buyer?s Rebate Agents visit my website at


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