Custom Calendars: A One-Of-A-Kind Promotional Product

By shaye • July 18th, 2010

With Promotional Calendars, the Possibilities are Endless!

Every business or organization has something to say to build its brand, increase sales, attract new members, promote products or services, or encourage donations.  If you found a way to get your message seen over and over by your target audience, you’d most certainly take advantage of the opportunity, right?  With custom promotional calendars, you’ve got yourself an incredibly cost-effective solution for keeping your message in front of your target audience every day of the year.

A successful promotional calendar marketing program helps to build goodwill between you and your customers.  Over time, each year’s custom calendar can become an anticipated event for them.  Whether you’re introducing a new product line, celebrating a company milestone, or recognizing people or divisions within your company, custom calendars can tell your story in an attractive and memorable way.  Fortune 500 companies love to use custom calendars as part of their marketing arsenals because of their ability to support high brand recall.

When creating your custom calendar, think about some of the many features you can include:

* Coupons
* Your own custom imagery and back cover
* Monthly featured products, services, or company information
* Personalization for the recipients
* Date block customization or phantom overprints
* Tell YOUR story!

A custom promotional calendars is a sales tool that works for you every single day of the year.  It’s a golden opportunity to occupy the most valuable piece of real estate there is… your customer’s or prospect’s desk.  Are you ready to add promotional calendars to your integrated marketing strategy?  Visit our promotional products website today for more information.

Justin Redmond is a promotional products and apparel specialist for Crider & Company of Denver, Colorado. Please visit our Denver Promotional Products website for everything you’ll need to get started on your next promotion. Use of this article must be in compliance with this website’s terms of service.


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