Enhancing The Curb Appeal Of The House Before Sale

By shaye • January 14th, 2010

The chances of making a good profit on the sale of your property are better if the number of buyers is more. For that you have to work on the curb appeal of the house. It is well known fact that the first impression is the last impression. Therefore if a buyer finds the exterior of the house appealing then he would also be interested to look inside the house. If you get a buyer through the front door you have crossed the first hurdle of selling your house.

Curb appeal can easily tell between the house waiting to be sold for months and the house which can be sold off within weeks. Other than the real estate market and the advertising of the property the curb appeal also plays a very important role in selling of a house. Here are few tips to boost the curb appeal to draw more traffic to your house.

A small exercise you should do for curb appeal of your house. Take a look at your house from the street. Find out the best features of the exteriors and work to emphasize it. Also find out the worst exterior aspect and fix it at the earliest. Make a list of the problem areas in your house exterior and make a plan to fix them.

If the exterior of the house is well maintained it will attract more buyers. Make the front and back yard look neat and tidy. Ensure the lawns are trimmed and manicured to get the curb appeal. Have flowers and greenery in the front porch to make it look attractive. Arrange flowering plants in such a manner so that it is the main focal point of your home exterior. Use yellow colored flowers more as it attracts buyers. You can use marigold as they are not expensive can serve the purpose too. Also small investment in landscaping can add more curb appeal to your house.

All the cracks on the driveways and sidewalks should be repaired. You can also outline your driveway with colorful flowers and hedges to make it look beautiful. Coat of new paint can give your house a fresh new look. The windows and shutters should be fixed and cleaned. Also if you could afford replace your windows with French windows to give your house a luxury look.

In the evening too your house should look the best. For this you can add decorative lamps or light fixtures in the front porch that are visible from the street. Adding low voltage lights along the driveway can add to the curb appeal of the house in the evening. Remember to turn on all the lights at least once in the evening. Never forget to properly illuminate the rear of the house so that if the buyer can see it even from the other street.

Using these tips your house will look very appealing from the street and in the current market trend it is very important to give a tough competition to the other houses for sale in your neighborhood.

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