Flipping Houses Takes More Than Positive Thinking

By shaye • July 21st, 2010

How can you stay positive if you’re broke? It’s time to face the truth. You can be the most cynical person in the world and still be the greatest investor with huge profits, steady cash flow, and profitable investments. Flipping houses takes more than just a positive attitude. Most of all, it requires your immediate action.

There are some investors who have been investing for years but still feeling empty. They think they are not getting the fulfillment they deserve. They’ve been following tips and advice from experts but still not getting any closer to becoming one of them. Investing in properties is a venture for practical people, not for idealistic ones. Investing involves a lot of processes in doing deals, negotiating property prices, and transacting sales.

You need to do something when you find a property. When a motivated seller calls you and he needs a buyer for his property, you need to act fast. You and the seller make a contract and put the property under your name. You need to look for a buyer who will close the deal. Wholesaling houses forces you to set a fast paced transaction or else, you would lose the deal to competition.

Flipping houses needs a real business scheme. After all, all deals are made in the real world and not in some fancy world. You are talking with real people here. Real situations. You must accept the fact that not all things turn out the way you want them to be. Wholesaling properties can be hard sometimes. You may encounter fickle minded sellers. There are buyers who haggle for the lowest price to the point that you wouldn’t have profit from the transaction. There would come the worst time ever for a real estate investor when there would be no properties, no buyers, no sellers. All of these are possible situations.

So how can you smile of this happens to you? You can’t cover the fact that your business is penniless by just smiling. Flipping houses re quires a lot of hard work from you. You need to advertise your business. You need to call buyers and sellers. You need to do a lot of paper work with permits and documents. You need to process hard money loans if needed. You need to continuously search for profitable properties.

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need to act. Flipping houses is not just about your dream to make big profit. You do everything to make this dream happen. Begin to be realistic and not idealistic.

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