Home Security Advice When Selling Your Home

By shaye • July 27th, 2010

When you decide to sell your home, and it’s going to be vacant, you may be thinking of installing an home security alarm system. But before you do, you have to make sure you understand a few things. For starters, the secret code won’t be a secret for long. Whether it’s published on the MLS, or given to all potential buyer’s agents via phone or email, the secret will be out.

Alarms provide protection while your home is vacant or not. But you have to remember that the

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alarm can actually become a nuisance when instructions aren’t followed, whether it’s the instruction on the listing page stating that the buyer’s agent should call beforehand for the code (and they don’t) or if the step-by-step instructions hanging on the wall directly next to the alarm seem to be written in some other language.

To avoid these

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mishaps, selling agents can opt to show the house by appointment only, since too many times buyers agents don’t call for the code and the proper authorities are contacted, the alarm company is contacted and eventually the selling agent is contacted. But there are other options too. That’s why you have to decide whether or not the alarm system is actually a good idea.

Here are some tips you can utilize if you don’t want the hassles of an alarm system:

Fool the dummies with dummies. Dummy cameras, yard signs and window decals are all great ways to try and fool an intruder. Install motion detectors for all areas. Front yard, back yard and the sides of your homes will light up if motion is detected and generally scare the intruder away. Timed interior lights could also deter intruders and trick them into thinking someone is home. As a selling agent, recommend to your clients that leaving some furniture in the home, including knick-knacks on windowpanes and a couch or hanging plants will help make the home look like someone is living there still.

Again, these are just some ideas to help you get through the joys of home selling, with hopefully, less stress. Alarm systems are a great way to secure your home, however sometimes they’re more of a hassle than a luxury.

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