How To Create A Great Advert To Sell Your Home Fast

By shaye • July 4th, 2010

Your for sale by owner ad will be one of the most effective marketing tools that you use for selling your home.

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It is possible that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of buyers will be exposed to your for sale by owner ad. You must write an ad that stands out and calls attention to the home.

Your ad should catch the buyers attention and ultimately cause him or her to have a strong desire to know more about your home.

The heading, home features, and closing are the three key pieces of your for sale by owner ad. Perfect each of these elements and you will have a winning ad for your for sale by owner home.

Attention Grabbing Heading!
The first part of your for sale by owner ad that buyers will read will the heading. Of course, you need to have a heading that will quickly read them over.

The heading of your ad should inspire the buyer to read more of the ad. Your heading can touch on any of the aspects of your home. Are you looking to advertise your home based on its price?

Try something like “The Price is Right.” Do you want to hook the buyer by flaunting the size of your home?

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Tailor your headline to focus on that aspect of your home. Remember the headline is the first thing the reader to see. Make a good first impression.

Best Features Highlighted
Once you’ve hooked the reader with a stellar heading, it’s time to give them a verbal view of the goods you have to offer.

Think about the things that make your for sale by owner home spectacular. Did you just remodel the kitchen? That’s something you can include. How was the home constructed?

Most finishes other than vinyl siding are worth mentioning. Fireplaces, finished basements, and screened-in patios are all features of the home that should be highlighted.

Don’t forget about the location of the for sale by owner home. If your home is near schools, shopping, or interstates, you should include it.

Great Closing Line
How you close your for sale by owner ad is just as important as how you begin it.

End your ad with a closing line that will make the buyer want to pick up the phone at that very moment and ask about your home. As you think about your closing

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line ask yourself why the buyer should call right away.

Is your home a deal that won’t last long? Say it. Is the home a buyer’s dream come true? Say it. Your closing line should have a sense of urgency that pushes the buyer to inquire further.

Look through the classified section of your local newspaper to get a feel for how some home ads are worded. Take note of those that seem be put together well.

Highlight several of these well-written ads and use them as a guide for how you write your for sale by owner ad.

Once you put your for sale by owner home ad together show it to some of your family and friends to gauge their reactions.

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