How To Interview Realtors For The Job Of Selling Your Home

By shaye • July 5th, 2010

The importance of Realtors

Aside from prepping up your home for sale, it is also important for you to work with the best Realtor that you can find. One way of getting the best Realtor out there is learning the ways on how to interview Realtors for the job of selling your home. Buyers usually see 5 to 7 homes a day or as many as it takes just to find the best property that will meet their taste or budget. With that, it is the realtor that goes with them from one property to another, previewing one property to another. For someone who has put his home or other properties on sale, a realtor acts as his representative to his buyers. He is responsible in getting the best deals out of the offers given by the potential buyers that he has entertained. In addition, he is also responsible in drawing out all the necessary paperwork to finalize the sale. Learning How to interview Realtors for the job of selling your home will guide you in choosing the best person that can pass on your old home to the best people at its best value.

Interviewing a Realtor

Just like any seller, you will first need to advertise your need for an agent. This can be done via direct mail, flyers, brochures and classified ads. Everyone who will respond to your call will certainly present you with a marketing campaign to convince you of their employment. But first, you will need to make an interview to determine the best agent to work with. Here are some tips on how to interview Realtors for the job of selling your home:

Ask about his experiences as an agent. There’s nothing wrong with a new agent, as long as he delivers and get the job done right. Although agents with more experiences are already considered valuable, it does not necessarily mean that newly licensed agents are not valuable. Ask them about their training as well as their mentors for that will tell whether or not they are fit to represent you to your buyers.

Know his/her average ‘list of price’ to ‘sales price’ ratio to determine how aggressive and effective he is in making a sale. A competent agent surely holds an excellent track record of negotiating sales that are very close to list prices.

Try to know how he/she plans to sell your home. At this point, it is important that you two share the same vision or strategy of putting up your home for sale. Try to know his marketing strategies and talk about his sales insights.

Ask references. Of course, a good agent would have a list of references. A reference is extremely helpful in helping you decide the agent to employ.

Lastly, there’s nothing more impressive than a prepared realtor. If an agent already has forms ready for you to look at and start with, the he’s a keeper. It only means that he came prepared and he came to get hired, above everything else, as he has already drawn all the preliminary paper work for your convenience.

As you do your interviews, pay close attention to the answers of your interviewee. Of course, you do not want to end up hiring the wrong person.

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