How To Sell My Home In Less Than 3 Weeks?

By shaye • June 28th, 2010

If I was getting behind in my loan repayments due to the bad economy, I’d want to know exactly how to sell my home as quickly as possible to avoid disaster. Selling during a recession is a lot different to selling during a property boom. You can’t play with your price as much, and if you don’t advertise properly you won’t get adequate buying traffic. This article gives you a few tips and trick on selling your home during recession.

Set A Solid, Fair Price

Pricing is everything in the current economic climate. You’re going to need to settle for less than you normally would have in past years, but that doesn’t mean losing out on a profit. Work out your minimum requirements to pay off your mortgage, etc.. Next you’ll need to decide on how much profit you need to make. To be honest, you’re best keeping this under 20% in the current market.

Targeted Advertising

Having a laser targeted advertising campaign is essential to making a quick sale. In previous years you could merely place a simple, cheap ad and have a swarm of interested buyers coming in to look at your house. Unfortunately times are different now. Think about

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the type of people buying in your area at the moment. Families? Investors? Be creative in your advertising and make sure to use the internet to it’s full potential.

Posh Presentation

If you’ve managed to price and advertise properly, the last thing to do is work on the physical presentation of your home. In addition to being clean and tidy, it can definitely pay off to give your place an upmarket decor. You can do this with hired furniture and paintings, or even just a unique paint job. Just like with your advertising, be creative and unique.

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Jack Ingles is a trainee real estate agent from Australia. He aspires to bring a new energy to the fold, and is proud of his unique viewpoint on the market. He also (obviously) enjoys writing!


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