How to Sell Your Denver House During the Recession

By shaye • January 14th, 2010

The first thing that you want to do if you decide to sell your home during a recession is to hire a good Denver real estate agent. Look for a Denver Realtor that is successfully selling homes at this time. Find out what they think about putting your house on the market. Find out how they plan on marketing your home.

Your agent should be able to help you get an idea of how much other comparable Denver houses are selling for in the area. Be sure to figure in money that may have been deducted from the price because of any agreements that the seller may have made with the buyer that may have raised or lowered the original price. This might have an effect on your listing price.

It may take a while to sell your Denver home during a recession. Give it some time before making any decisions to change your price or remove the house from the market. Houses are big ticket items and you aren’t necessarily going to have buyers knocking down your door on the first day. It can still take some time to sell a property during good financial times, so it may take some months of being on the market before you get some bites.

Let your agent know if you have made any changes to your Denver home or property while it is being listed. This might be information that the agent wants to make public in the listing. If there hasn’t been a picture taken since the last season, ask your agent to take a new picture an feature that with the listing. Buyers will be able to tell that the house has been on the market just by the season of the picture.

Special deals will attract more buyers. You can offer something tangible like a car, big-screen t.v. or even a month free mortgage in order to sell your Denver home in a tough market.

Be flexible on the amount of the down payment you are requiring. In a recession people have less cash in their checking and savings accounts. They may be able to get the financing and be otherwise willing to buy. A high down payment may be the one obstacle that is keeping them from making an offer on the house. Some buyers may offer you a tangible item like a car or boat as part of the down payment. These can be very profitable deals for the seller.

Even in a recession it is possible to sell your Denve home. Times may be tough but people are still changing jobs and locations, getting married, divorced and other life changing occurrences that makes one need to look for other residence. The key to selling successfully during a recession is to stand out in the crowd of other houses that are being sold in the area. Adjust your price so that you are one of the cheaper homes offered compared to the value of the home.

Keep a positive attitude, get a Denver real estate agent that is willing to work with you and stay flexible to offers that come your way. You will find that you can successfully sell your house in the recession.

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