How To Sell Your Own House – Killer Strategies To Sell Your Home Quickly And Make Maximum Profit!

By shaye • July 22nd, 2010

According to the National Association of Realtors the likelihood of selling your home quickly increases every day. It is believed that the rise in the 30 year fixed rate mortgage and the recent decline in home inventory could be the start of another real estate “boom”.

However if you really want to know how to sell your own house then it’s time to get smart! There are many bargain hunters out there who are looking to get on the property ladder or increase their housing portfolios due to numerous undervalued homes on the market.

As with the majority of home sales, you will no doubt need the assistance of certain service oriented companies. This may involve painters, carpet cleaners, removals and many other services. You may of had to lower the asking price in order to sell your home quickly, but rather than racking up huge “other services” bills, look to keep costs down.

Initially make a budget of how much money you want to spend. When gathering estimates be upfront with people about how much cash your are looking to spend. Something as simple as labelling all your own boxes and leaving them in the room nearest to the front door can save you a pretty penny.

Can you schedule in time to do some of the painting jobs around the house? The price for hiring a painter for a couple of days, just to touch up a few spots around your home could cost a few hundred dollars. Many times this is something you could easily do yourself.

You may wish to shampoo your carpets and give your house that beautiful fresh, clean feeling. Did you know you could hire a shampoo machine for a day and once again save yourself a few hundred dollars.

With the abundance of information now readily available on the internet, people are much more willing to sell their house themselves rather than using a realtor. Often an agent will charge between 5%-7% of the sale price as a “fee”. This could quite easily amount to ten’s of thousands of dollars. If you are prepared to put in some research and try marketing through open house sittings, online and newspaper classified ads and leaflet drops, you will then only need to pay a few hundred dollars for a real estate attorney.

These are just a few tips on how to sell your own house, but these alone can save you a small fortune. If you want to sell your home quickly, yes you may need to drop your asking price, but then try and make up for your “loss” in other ways!

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