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By shaye • July 8th, 2010

As a of your real estate marketing products arsenal, do you frequently snap listing pictures by yourself or do you seek out a professional?

You have no clue about the terrible comments prospects are uttering about your listing’s pictures when they’re on the web.

Do you have any idea on the number of prospects who are passing on your house because of the pics? Do you have any clue of the effect a professional photographer, in your bag of real estate marketing products, can have?

We’ve all snapped listing pics for our clients and thought they were just great.

My sellers thought they were decent and I thought they were simply wonderful, until I began working as a buyer’s agent in WA State a couple years ago.

My clients, of which I had over 50 different ones every two weeks, didn’t hold anything back and complained about how horrible the selling agent’s pics were on-line. Working with so many buyers really clued me into how bad agent’s photography and choice of real estate marketing products truly was, at least from the buyer’s view point.

It was funny, my clients would go in to a house and ask me if it was the same house they saw on the web. Of course, many of my clients who said this felt like they got cheated.

The thing I kept seeing was that everything hung on these listing pics buyers viewed while searching on the web. That’s essential real estate marketing products for listings! I mean, if you have great pictures online for buyers to see, they’ll jump to the home that minute. Alternatively, you’ll earn yourself zero buyer walk throughs if you use your cheap convenience store camera and snap the listing pictures.

You know what the result is in the case your photos are even better than the listing in reality? You still had a buyer walk through the home. The sure fire way to making more money as a selling agent is definitely driving more buyers through your home. The lesson is to have a pro take your listing pics and spend the $200 or so so you can make that $12,500 commission.

So let’s pretend you took the bullet and paid a professional to capture the images for you listing…

You could have more happy clients because the home sold faster.

The “DOM” would be so far less and your’d make more in commissions from a selling price that didn’t need to be dropped. Imagine being “The Agent King or Queen” in the area when everyone sees how quickly your listing sell.

Now don’t give me the line that it’s too expensive because it’s not. It’s easy, it’s a real estate marketing products technique that is critical. When you really think about it, this type of real estate marketing products, photography, is not negotiable if you want to sell your listings at a super speed.

Here’s what you need to do….

Just find a pro in your area, maybe in the yellow pages, that has reasonable prices and bring them out to the house to get the job done right. Make sure they’re top notch, have all the right equipment and know the goal of these photos. Get the best bang for your marketing bucks and pick a photographer who’s great or least better than you.

If you’re in a major city area, try looking up as an alternative.

Their business is listing pics for real estate agents!

Here’s the cool thing about, they let you set up everything online, including the appointment, how many pics you want, what quality, if you want extra pics, if they need to use special equiptment for rainy conditions, etc.

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