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By shaye • June 30th, 2010

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As a of your real estate marketing products arsenal, do you often snap listing photos on your own or do you seek out a pro photographer?

If you only understood what prospects were uttering to their monitors when they come across your listing pics on-line; you’d be so sad.You would be horrified if you could hear what prospects were muttering at their monitors when they view your listing photos.

Do you have any clue on the amount of prospects who are missing your home because of the pics? Do you have any clue of the effect a pro photographer, in your bag of real estate marketing products, can have?

I’ve done it myself; captured what I thought were fantastic listing photos and used them for my on-line mls listing.My sellers even told me the pics we awesome but I began to see something interesting when I took a agent job in WA State.

In any given month, I’d have over 80 different buyers and they’d all tell me their disgust about the photos they saw on-line for the homes we were seeing.Working with so many buyers really clued me into how bad agent’s photography and choice of real estate marketing products truly was, at least from the buyer’s view point.

It was hilarious, my buyers would go in to a house and ask me if it was the same house they saw on the web. Of course, many of my buyers who said this felt like they got cheated.

The thing I kept seeing was that everything hung on these listing pics clients viewed while searching on the web. It’s easy, if you take “crazy good” photos of the house your listing and put those on the mls, buyers will flock. Give them a “do it your self” photo and they’ll skip onto the next home.

Even when the listing photos were greater than the actual house, guess what? A buyer looked inside that home rather than staying at home looking more homes. That’s your object as a listing Realtor; get as many showings as you can. Professional real estate photography makes that happen.

How about we assume you’re going to have a pro real estate photographer take care of the photos for you on your next listing…

Your client base would adore you because you got their property off the market in far less time than your competition.You may have made more cash because you didn’t have to lower the sales price when the listing got stale on the market.Imagine being “The Agent King or Queen” in the area when everyone sees how fast your listing sell.

Stop complaining about how much it is to hire a professional. It’s easy, it’s a real estate marketing products method that is critical. When you really think about it, this kind of real estate marketing products, photography, is not negotiable if you want to sell your listings at a super speed.

You have a few options…

You could grab a professional real estate photographer in your local region and offer them $40/hr. to come to your listing and take some fabulous photos. You don’t want to be lazy when you’re picking this photographer, they have to get the point of what you’re hiring them to do.

Every heard of a company, based in Seattle, called Viscaso? Try them instead because they specialize in this kind of photography.

Their business is listing photos for realtors!

Here’s the crazy thing about, they let you set up everything online, which includes the appointment, how many photos you want, what quality, if you want extra pics, if they need to use special equiptment for rainy conditions, etc.

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