More Tips For Selling a House Quickly in Charleston in Today’s Market (Part II of III)

By shaye • May 29th, 2010

Continuing where we left off with this article from Part I, here is Tip #2 for Selling a House Quickly in Charleston, SC. Like we mentioned previously, here in South Carolina it is definitely a buyer’s market and although this is great news for buyers, it is bad news for sellers. There is nothing worse than putting your house up for sale and watching it sit on the market. This is a very common problem these days in this down market. So, what should you do now? Should you give up your dreams of selling? Wait for the market to rebound? Well, here are a few tips to help you sell your house fast here in Charleston, Dorchester or Berkeley County.

The following tip may help you sell your house quickly, but again, if you have some type of defect with your house, it is going to have to be repaired to sell it to a retail (owner occupant) buyer. There is a difference between making small repairs that prevent a sale versus having a major problem like a cracked foundation or severe termite damage. These tips will only help if your home is in reasonably good shape when compared to those houses selling in your neighborhood. If you have major problems with your house, a buyer will not be able to get a loan and you will therefore be better off selling to a reputable cash buyer like Charleston Home Buyers, LLC that can buy your property quickly “as is” without any bank financing needed.

Which leads us to tip number 2.

2. DECLUTTER AND CLEAN! – The second thing you can do is deal with clutter and dirt. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a home only to be shocked by the amount of junk stuffed in the garage, closets and even all over the house. Now I am not talking about having pizza boxes and other trash all over the den floor or so many dirty clothes over the floor you can ‘t see the carpet (more common than you would believe); That’s a given. I am talking about removing your husband’s collection of 49 snow globes from all over the USA, your 28 pictures of every member of your extended family, magazines from the last 3 years next to the sofa, mail all over the counter, toiletries scattered all over the bathroom, etc. I think you get the idea. Think model home. If you don’t know what I mean, either go tour some models in new construction developments or watch some of the popular home buying TV shows for homes that have been recently renovated and staged (furniture, candles, lamps, etc. to make a home look lived in). The other bonus is that the less cluttered your home is, the bigger it will look. Whether you like it or not, you are selling a product. Clear out the clutter and make it look as nice as possible. Buyers will be much more interested in buying a sharp looking property. Get a storage unit if you don’t have some place to keep your all your little treasures that a buyer won’t appreciate and as a good rule of thumb I advocate the rule that if you haven’t used whatever it is at least once in the past year, donate it or trash it! After you clear out the clutter, make sure you clean, clean and when you are done, clean some more.

In conclusion, this is just one more thing you can do to try to get your house sold quickly. Be sure to check back for part III.

However, if you are in a difficult situation such as: inherited property in probate, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, or lost job, etc., then selling your house to a professional home buyer like Charleston Home Buyers, LLC may be a great idea. Charleston Home Buyers specializes in finding creative win-win solutions to real estate problems that others won’t touch.

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