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By shaye • June 26th, 2010

Corporate Design Solutions are industry experts at RE (Real Estate) Marketing. New home owners have been brought up to be tech-savvy and research has shown that over 32% of home purchases or enquiries have been instigated by the RE Agent having an online presence.

It’s not nearly good enough to rely on the brand names out there such as or – they only give you what they want, not what the buyer wants.

If you are wanting to tap into the new home buyer aged 20-35 then you need to consider social bookmarking, blogs and an interactive online presence that gives the buyer instant feedback on the property. We are moving into affilaute link building RE sites with Twitter, Facebook, WordPress Blogs and much more. “It simply opens up a whole new range of clients” says Andrew, Principal of Go Rhino Realty in Queensland.

We chose Corporate Design Solutions because they were prepared to challenge the marketing model adopted by the industry. We will be launching an interactive website that will allow buyers from interstate or overseas to communicate and view live streaming video of an inspection. As an agent we can walk through the property with our laptops and webcams pointing out the benefits of the property to our buyer who may be miles away in a different time zone, at the same time he’s viewing what we are seeing in real time via our website as a live video.

CDS are also building our profile online with social bookmarking, blogs, podcats, vidcasts and much more. “If you want to leap ahead of the pack, call CDS, they are excellent at what they do and more importantly we don’t have to rely on the stock-standards form of inbound web traffic.

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