Real Estate Broker Marketing In A Depressed Real Estate Market

By shaye • July 7th, 2010

The Real Estate Market has become a more and more difficult place to survive for the agent and particularly for the broker. In order to survive in a depressed market it is vital that a broker do all they can to assure that they utilizing Real Estate Broker marketing. There are many aspects of marketing that a broker can utilize to assure that the general public in their area is aware that they exist.

A common way for a broker to create public awareness through Real Estate Broker marketing is to do what is referred to in the industry as Farming. This general concept entails using marketing sources to harvest, or plant seeds among a community or neighborhood. Farming involves using marketing tools that will help cultivate a growing awareness among both current and potential home owners.

There are many tools that are commonly used in order to increase your potential for future customers. Common Real Estate broker marketing tolls include post cards, newsletters, direct mailings, and other forms of marketing. While not all of these will have the same results for everyone, it is vital that a Real Estate broker continue to “water” their potential crops on a regular basis.

One common tool that is typically successful in Real Estate Broker Marketing is the newsletter. Newsletters in many cases are not directed at promoting particular properties as they are used to simply keep potential customers aware of their local broker. More and more newsletters consist of general interest articles, news events human interest stories local events and may even cater to the man or the woman of the house.

Newsletters used for real estate broker marketing may have articles such as car collecting and recent trends in the real estate industry and to articles on financing and methods to avoid potential foreclosure.

While the articles contained within a news letter may not be strictly dedicated to the Real Estate industry they should provide the same general message to potential clients. The very nature of Real Estate broker marketing provides that the reader of the newsletter will have something to remind them that the broker is in the area and what benefits their services can provide.

Regardless what type of articles are used in the newsletter, they should bring interest to the potential customer and allow them to go away from the newsletter remembering the broker and that they are in the area. Effective Real Estate broker marketing can be the difference between surviving and starving in a depressed housing market.

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