Real Estate Market – Amenities vs Discounts

By shaye • August 4th, 2010

With recession having hit the economy earlier this year, every sector of the economy is in turmoil. The focus of the day is to bring back customers and retain them so that conditions are not worse. Realty sector has picked up in the last few months but researchers warn that prices can be lowered further as the builders are still left with a huge inventory of unsold flats.

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like Delhi and its surrounding areas, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata have seen a massive rebound in demand for homes as several real estate builders have resort to lower prices of property and provide discounts on the market rate.

The policy is being termed as disruptive pricing which has shown positive results and hope to builders who had not anticipated in unprecedented slump in demand. Prices of projects by eminent builders have been slashed by 32%.

However amidst this concept of affordable pricing , there are builders who are not ready to compromise on the quality of construction and basket of amenities. Recent players in Hyderabad like the Aliens Group believe that customers are still looking for proper amenities and if given a choice they would hesitate to compromise on quality and amenities .

The meaning of affordable pricing depends on the Realty Developer and also on the location. Tata Housing in Mumbai for instance was one of the first to offer a project which was at a considerable distance from any modes of transport. Hence the company kept its profit margins low while offering a discount on expensive housing.

Moreover loans today are available at a roughly 2% compared to

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a few months ago. This has been possible as bankers support an affordable housing project which sees an increase in demand rather than stress on key factors like location and facilities.

Having said the above it is a fine balancing act going on in the mind of a home buyer today who cannot disregard the fact that they need to compromise on the size of apartments, location and facilities in case they avail discounts. On the other side they have builders like Aliens Group to buy a home from who promise to deliver value in terms of amenities, features as well as location in this market scenario.

The choice is vested in the hands of the customer who can either postpone his home buying decision or make up his mind on a lucrative discount. However with the news of Real Estate Market expecting to recover by the end of this year or beginning of next year, developers are slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Some developers have already reduced the rates of discounts. Some others are preparing to climb the steep pricing wave as and when it hits the economy again, now with a positive repercussion.

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