Real Estate Marketing: Syndicate Your Real Estate Website To Boost Rankings

By shaye • August 16th, 2010

Do you have any idea on how RSS feeds will help your real estate website rankings skyrocketed on the top of the search engine search results pages? If you don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about, RSS feeds can be found in any websites that you have been visited every day. RSS feeds stands for – Really Simple Syndication, this method have been popular way back a few years ago to help internet marketers distribute their website contents across the internet. It allows your website fresh content every day like blogs and articles that you have in your site to be sent out to other websites.

For the others to add your RSS feeds is not that difficult as they think. First, they need to subscribe to your RSS feeds program. Once they successfully subscribe, then they will receive fresh contents coming from your site in the form of feeds. This means that your site will receive more traffic and enjoy better search engine ranking as well as your RSS feeds subscribers. They will enjoy in the way that they will always see fresh and relevant information in your website.

In what way that RSS feeds will help your real estate website to a better ranking:

* It will drive more traffic to your site, and will work in both commercial and residential property that you are selling.
* Can be used to announce new feature home listings or open houses to be held
* Can be used to provide latest real estate information and news
* It will really help your SEO campaign as major search engines like Google love this RSS feeds

With the RSS feeds within your website will keep potential home buyers up-to-date with the latest home listings. If they are interested with the properties syndicated to them, then they will just click on it to go back to your website.

So this is it, adding an RSS feeds on your website is one of the best things to be included in your real estate marketing campaign. Having an RSS feeds will significantly improve your rankings, drive more traffic to your site and up in sales will be experience.

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