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By shaye • July 3rd, 2010

As a Buyer’s Agent, I have taken clients through numerous properties for sale. With all the advice and media around real estate and home improvement, it’s surprising to see how little sellers do to prepare for showings. It seems that many still don’t understand basic strategies for selling their home. With minimal time and effort, you can optimize your home’s appeal and increase your chances of selling your home quickly.

The number one rule is to think like a buyer: what are you looking for when you look at property? Help the buyer imagine themselves in your home.

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood looking for property for sale? Remember the one that stopped you in your tracks – the one whose number you copied down so you could call the agent as soon as you got home? That home had curb appeal. Take a few moments to walk around your property – what catches your eye? Some basic maintenance, fresh paint and minimal landscaping attention could go a long way to selling your property faster for a better price. Although we’re told not to judge a book by its cover, first impressions do count, especially in today’s online environment. Take good photos, because often it is the MLS image of your home that will (or won’t!) catch the eye of a buyer – make it count.

Once you’ve got the buyer through your front door, keep them there: get rid of the clutter, put away your personal items, and make sure your space appears open and airy. Any mess or disorder will distract the buyer – you want them imagining themselves living in your home, not noticing its defects.

And don’t hang around while the potential buyer is looking at your home. Although you might be eager to point out all of its features, part of the excitement of looking at a home is

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the discovery – let the seller have the space to do it on their own.

There are countless resources available on the Internet, on television, and at your local library if you want more ideas. Remember that buyers want to find a property – it’s up to you

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to make yours desirable. Although some buyers are creative enough to see the hidden jewel it’s faster and easier to polish yours first.

Charlie Pigeon is a professional Buyer’s Agent serving the Southwest Florida area. For more information on Southwest Florida homes & properties in or for more information on the Southwest Florida real estate market, contact Charlie today or visit


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