Seven Deadly Home Buying Mistakes

By shaye • June 11th, 2010

Use A Professional That Knows The Market.

The most important aspect of purchasing a home is having an expert on your side. The average home owner may purchase two or three homes in their lifetime. Real estate professionals know how to navigate through the potential pitfalls of purchasing a home. They can help you avoid costly mistakes such as: choosing the wrong lender, the wrong type of home, failing to get a thorough home inspection and problems with the title. Any of these problems can cause you a lot of money and grief.

Do not buy a home without a real estate agent to represent your best interests. The seller pays your real estate agent’s fees. Buying a home with an agent that represents your best interests costs you nothing and can save you thousands.

Here are some of the most common mistakes buyers make, which often costs thousands of dollars, large investments of time and loads of grief:

1. Plan Before You Purchase.

Purchasing a home is an emotional experience. Make sure

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to sit down with your real estate agent and map out a strategy. Don’t let just one aspect of the home drive your decision. Try to answer the following questions.

• Where would you like to live? How far do I commute?
• How much home can I afford? Get pre-approved!
• What type of home do you want?

Come out of this exercise comfortable with your area and your mortgage.


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Get The Right Lender.

There are many types of loans available and getting the right one for your situation is crucial. There are also many lenders vying for your business. Some are online and some local. Getting a good local lender is crucial. Your real estate agent should be able to make recommendations from lenders they have experience with. A good lender will make sure you get the right loan and rate.

3. Identify Your Opportunities.

If you’re looking for a deal, you need to know where they are. You real estate agent is a excellent resource for finding deals. They work in your market and probably know of several sellers that may have special circumstances. These circumstances could be divorce, relocation or loss of job. Work with your agent on this and you may be able to save yourself thousands.

4. Get A Good Home Inspector.

Just like any profession, there are both good and bad inspectors. Bad inspectors tend to overlook a lot of problems. You want an inspector that will scrutinize every aspect of your home. Your real estate agent knows the industry and can recommend good inspectors. You do not want to purchase a home that has structural or other serious defects because the home inspector overlooked them. This could cost you big!

5. Not Getting Clear Title.

Purchasing a home with a “clouded” title can be both financially and emotionally draining. Learning after the fact the previous owner still owed contractors money for the finished basement on your property which is now a lien against your property causes a lot of grief. Your real estate agent will help you purchase title insurance and make sure the title to the property is free and clear.

6. Don’t Waste Time.

Home buyers can waste valuable hours in front of computers searching for homes online. Most times the homes you find are not the best deals. Let your real estate agent save you that time to spend on what is important to you like your friends, family and work. Let your agent find the right home and notify you when it’s available.

7. Do the Final Walkthrough.

Not completing the final walkthrough can be a crucial mistake. Before closing, make sure you check to see any requested repairs have been completed. Make sure there is no damage you were unaware of and that nothing else has changed. Any problems after the purchase are yours.

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