Some Important Steps In Selling Your Home

By shaye • June 12th, 2010

While there are a number of different reasons to sell your home, there are only a few ways to sell your home. While some people prefer the “do-it-myself” type others may stick to an agent. There are obvious pros and cons to either way, but regardless there are steps that you will want and need to take to make your home selling successful and a quick and painless as possible.

The first thing is to make sure you know what you

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are doing. Do some homework, look up prices, values and attend a few open houses in your area. Educating yourself on what your home is worth and how other people are selling their homes is a great way to start. Plus you can see what you feel are good and bad way to sell a house and fit your method to what you think will work.

The next step is obvious, and most people want to skip right to it. You need to set a price. Talking to an agent about this is the easiest way, but doing a lot of research and trying to take personal bias out of the picture is another. After setting a price you need to get the home ready. Don’t hesitate to put things in storage to make the closets and rooms look larger. Also be sure everything is clean. If it is messy people will be turned off instantly. Keep the cleaning supplies close at hand during the entire sale time and always do a quick run through before each potential buyer walks in.

Finally keep track of each person who walked through the house and add comments about each one once they leave so you can recall each of them if they ever call back. It is easier to hold a conversation when you know who it is you are talking to. Those are just a few tips and there are several more things that you need to do, but it’s a start. One last thing though, don’t be afraid to hire a professional to take pictures. They have a way of making spaces look larger and you can really end up with beautiful home photos.

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