The Market For a New Home In Houston

By shaye • July 27th, 2010

If you’re in the market for a new home in Houston, you’ll find plentiful opportunities for affordable urban and rural properties, family communities, and new condominium and townhouse developments. With it’s lush greenery that surrounds suburbs, hot real estate market celebrex half life and affordable housing prices, Houston is definitely one of the best new places to live in the USA.

Some of the top homes for sale in Houston are surrounded by lush groves of trees and forest-like surroundings. Houston is unique in the sense that rather than bulldoze through greenery to make way for new developments, builders constructed houses within these green areas and left much of the natural environment intact. Areas like Houston Heights, Third Ward and Denver Harbor boast a mix of historical homes and new developments for families. An average single family home in Houston is around $206,000.

A lot of historical buildings in downtown Houston have been converted into modern, stylish lofts. These have recently become some of the top homes for sale in Houston. City living offers some great entertainment options: Minute Maid Park for baseball games, an impressive theater district, and some top notch celebrex side effects skin rash restaurants and shops.

Midtown, which is just south of the downtown core of Houston, is now central in the real estate market, as it has been cialis treatment revamped and redone with mostly brand new apartment complexes and contemporary lofts. Although Midtown is largely populated with singles and couples, there are some town homes that appeal to families as they’re more private and spacious. Since there are always new apartments and condominiums coming onto the real estate market, it is easy to find a great space in Houston.

While shopping for a new home in Houston, it’s common to hear about master-planned communities. Although this concept has been around since the 60’s, master-planned communities have continued to be one of the top choices for families. Due to their amenities like beautiful parks, pools, and golf courses, these contained communities offer modern conveniences to homeowners, who are in close proximity to schools and community centers that offer a variety of activities.

Copperfield and League City feature a collection of many of the top homes for sale in Houston, along with one of the most popular master-planned communities in the state: The Woodlands. This development is completely private, as it’s located in the middle of a forest, and boasts everything from churches to an arts pavilion, to a one million square foot shopping mall. Surprisingly, homes start at just $100,000 for a home in The Woodlands.

For families with children, Houston has some of the best schools in Texas. Many of these public school districts have received awards from the state canada pharmacy colleges for their excellent educational programs. If you are looking for a private school, there are hundreds in the area. Rice University, near the communities buy cialis fast shipping in West University Place, has a number of professional training and accreditation programs for students. Many of the top homes for sale in Houston are popular because of their location to one of the numerous educational institutions in this part of Texas.

Rental apartments or homes are yet another option for students, single people or families. Since Houston features a wide range of home prices, many families are able to buy. Renting a home is equally affordable: a four-bedroom home in a newer development in Harris Country or Copperfield is, on average, about buy generic cialis $1300 per month. A modern apartment celebrex how it works or condominium starts at around just $500 per month. Duplexes and fourplexes in Houston are scarce, and not nearly as popular as stand-alone home rentals.

Many real estate agents in other cities and states are wondering why Houston continues to have such a thriving real estate market that doesn’t fit with the national norm. In many parts of the USA, housing prices have skyrocketed or purchases have dropped dramatically. In fact, other parts of the Midwest have some of the most dismal housing sales records for the past few years.

Even for a top home for sale in Houston, the price is still well under the national average. Houston is now one of the top locations for real celebrex and advil estate investments, families who want a larger home at viagra blue vision a reasonable price, and busy city dwellers who can enjoy the fantastic entertainment, dining and shopping that this Texas city has to offer.

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