The Real Estate Market Crash of 2008: How Did We Get Here?

By shaye • June 20th, 2010

Before the real estate market crash of 2008, there were the prophets. They spoke of a real viagra generic estate balloon that was bound to burst and take down the real estate market as well as the economy. Even with all of this prophesying, many were taken by surprise when the what natural foods work like viagra once lucrative real estate market began to crumble.

So, what caused the collapse? The main culprit was the subprime lending market. When this market crashed, a large amount of companies faced foreclosure. Even the companies that did not foreclose suffered losses that amounted to billions of dollars.
You may have already heard news reports about the subprime market crash. If you are like most, however, you may not know what the crash meant to individual property owners. You may even have questions regarding how we got in this situation to begin with.

Over the past few years, subprime mortgages were the biggest trend in real estate lending. Buyers who were unable to qualify for conventional mortgages could obtain financing via a subprime mortgage. People who obtained these loans often had to pay high interest rates.

Lenders obtained the money to pay for these mortgages from a variety of sources. Many companies secured loans at low interest rates and then loaned that money out to buyers at a higher rate. Some of the money was borrowed from central banks.

While the housing market remained relatively stable, the ill consequences of these loans could not be seen clearly. In fact, the market was experiencing a surge in value that was unprecedented. This surge resulted in an unrealistic expectation of the future real estate market which in turn caused lenders to put even more money into funding mortgages that new homeowners could ill afford.

In 2005 and 2006, the last real boom was occurring in the real estate market. During this time, it was extremely easy

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to get a loan. Lenders thought that they would be able to make money from buyers even if they did not pay for the mortgage through order generic cialis the high interest rates they were charging and the ever-increasing value of real estate. But when interest rates started to rise, people stopped buying homes. Additionally, homeowners started failing to make payments due to the interest rate spike.
It became harder and harder for lenders to obtain funds to invest into mortgages. Buyers, now unable to qualify for a loan easily, began to stop looking for a home to purchase. Investors became wary, pharmacy online and underwriters started increasing the requirements to qualify for a loan. People who had adjustable rate mortgages sought desperately to decrease their skyrocketing monthly payments. But they could not qualify for a new, fixed loan under the strict guidelines. This only caused the number of foreclosures to rise dramatically resulting in the real estate market crash of 2008.

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