The Role of Web 2.0 in Real Estate Marketing

By shaye • August 15th, 2010

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There has been a lot of buzz regarding Web 2.0 ever since it was coined way back in 2006. Some see it as a design revolution in the internet industry while others embrace it as the new trend on how websites are designed and how they interact with visitors. This recent generation of web development and design introduces how information can be spread out in different formats without much effort.

Web 2.0 aims is to bring people closer together online and to distribute information in new ways. Real estate marketers are very excited and believe that Web 2.0 has a major role in helping their lead generation activities. Social networking is a fast and easy way they can niche their marketing efforts to specific groups of people interested in buying or selling property.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites such as Facebook,MySpace,and Linked-in are web applications combined with powerful networking technology and trendy designs to attract people to connect.

Most of the popular social networking sites dominate search rankings and are frequently visited by people all over the world. Since the very early days of the Internet, people wanted to go online in hopes of connecting with new people or getting back in touch with lost friends.

Real estate marketers can use these discount canadian pharmacy cialis features to help bring their websites to the masses because of the increasing amounts of members that join social networking sites every day. Quality levitra and cialis together leads are sure to turn up because many people that are into social networking are ordinary residents that could be interested with real estate.

Video Sharing Sites

Both the advancements in Internet connection speeds and file compression technology lead to the development of video sharing sites. These sites are technically social networking sites that allow videos to be uploaded for the public to see.

Real estate marketers used to share their videos through optical discs and send them out through mail but now sharing videos have become easier than ever and buy generic cialis canada is crucial in convincing others that the real estate deals that they are promoting are legitimate and true.


Blogging used to be the thing that you do when you want attention similar to how diaries work. While there are so many blogs that are like that, real estate marketers have found out that blogging is an excellent way in having their sites appear on the search engines more over the counter products like viagra often. In relation to Web 2.0, the blog designs take the center stage with many of them appearing minimalistic yet attractive to the eyes. Well written entries are often associated with keywords or tags to make them a lot easier to find and easier to share. is tadalista the same as cialis In addition search engines love fresh, relevant content, and will index blogs higher than a “static” website.

While the old techniques in marketing still work, it is important to embrace the current generation of web developments because that’s where all the hungry buyers are at. People go online not only to use the search engines and check mail, but they also blog, keep in touch with others, and interact in other Web 2.0 websites. Everyone is Online!

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