The Web 2.0 Real Estate Marketing Revolution

By shaye • July 28th, 2010

The internet has changed the business world forever. Not only do folks use the internet for fun and games, they use it for serious business, every day. Current economic downfalls have greatly hurt several industries and the real estate market seems to be wounded the worst. Luckily, real estate professionals have caught on to the hottest new way to do business. Web 2.0 real estate marketing has given a breath of fresh air to a declining market.

It’s hard to accurately define just what web 2.0 really is. It’s not necessarily a group of sites or functions; it’s not any particular set of applications that people use. It’s more a way of thinking, a way of being. Web 2.0 is the manner in which we correspond with each other and share the same information or applications that we didn’t before.

All of the advances that have been made over the past ten to twenty years have culminated in this social networking era that we find ourselves currently in. This is what fuels web 2.0, the second round of internet. There’s more flexibility to do the things we need to do with web 2.0.

Realtors have had a very narrow way to market their services and properties, even through the first generation of the World Wide Web. Now they can use social networking sites to reach out and find new clients and keep in touch with old, loyal ones.

The social networking craze has helped people with needs come together with people with options in a way that nothing else possibly could.

Using applications online that were not recently able to be shared from realtor to client, virtually anyone can see any property online, like they were there in person. Because of the flexibility to view any property any time of the day or night, it’s easier for people out of state and even off continent to get an accurate depiction of what a property looks

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like. It’s becoming the norm for people to buy homes ‘on spec’, meaning they never see it in person, before they shell out the big bucks to buy it.

With web 2.0 real estate marketing, the sky is virtually the limit. Homes are getting sold in areas that have seen decline for the past several years. New investors are picking up great deals all across the country and realtors everywhere couldn’t be happier. The new internet has proven that literally anything is possible with a high speed connection.

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