Thinking of selling your home in today's market?

By admin • July 18th, 2010

Thinking of selling your home in todays market can be a challenging task.  You want your home to stand out above the crowd.  How do you do this? 

Well one of the ways I have seen homes move quick on the market is to go below market value, which creates immediate interest.I am not saying you have to sell below market value (unless you need to sell immediately), however pricing it below market value creates a lot of interest and sometimes it will end in a bidding war.  A seller never has to accept an offer it’s all up to you. 

Another way to generate interest is if it feasible is to offer owner financing in this tough “hard to get credit”  economy.  You do have buyers out there that have solid work ethics, but perhaps no money down or not enough for closing, or perhaps they are coming out of a bad credit situation.  There a plenty of hardship buyers out there screaming for the opportunity to own.  The situation would have to be right to offer financing, enough equity in the home, no mortgage on the property, it would have to make financial sense for you.  The way I see it is where else are you going to be getting 5-7% return on your money. ? 

 It sounds so cliché, however staging a home does wonders for a home, when potential buyers walk in, they see a perfect set up, they see themselves living there.  Buying a home is all emotion, the feel, when you walk into the home plays so much into the decision to buy our not.  Staging can be very beneficial and will generally bring you closer to your asking price. 

 Taking care of the outside of your home, making sure it is tidy and clean is also a must, this is the first thing potential home buyers see.  If they don’t like the outside they will have a hard time viewing the rest of the home.  Fresh plants help spruce up the exterior, make sure your garbage pails are out of site.  If you have pets be sure to clean up after them, nothing is worse than having to watch where you step.  If you have a patio or deck for entertaining, present it in a way that the potential home buyers can see themselves entertaining there. 

I am a pet owner; however the last thing you want when trying to sell your home is pets that are roaming around. There is nothing more distracting than this.  Cats will either follow you around (some people are afraid of cats) or sometimes they will run and hide.  Dogs generally bark when you open the door and immediately put you in an uncomfortable mind set.  Even if you think your animals are harmless they will hurt you when trying to sell your home.

Another biggie with buyers is the home must smell nice!  Don’t cook broccoli, cabbage, or any other food that has an obnoxious smell to it when you know buyers are coming to view the home.  Have aroma candles, vanilla, black licorice, clean cotton smell, you want the aroma to play into their emotions.  Above all if you’re a smoker, clean everything from your walls, furniture, curtains, I mean everything!  Nobody, not even smokers enjoy the smell of stale smoke!

Well I hope this has been helpful!  I was on our local MLS and noticed 83 expired listing today.  When it comes to selling your home, take some of this advice.  I have worked with hundreds of buyers and seen thousands of homes.  Two things will prevent the home from selling price and marketing, (marketing comes from the sellers end as well as the realtors), don’t become an expired stale listing.  If you need to sell, take the right steps to do so.

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