Three Reasons to Write Tips Articles for Your Home Business

By shaye • May 23rd, 2010

When I first began writing article a few years ago, I received a lot of advice. Some of it was very helpful – like, always write in a conversational tone. Other advice hasn’t been so useful.

Among the not-so-helpful advice was this nugget: “Don’t waste your time writing tips articles. They won’t be popular for much longer.”

Tips articles are easy to recognize. They usually start out with “Top Ten Ways to…” or “Five Simple Steps to…”

There are a lot of them around, but articles that share tips seem to be as popular as ever. I read them in my daily newspaper, they’re run in magazines… even the nightly news show I watch sometimes gives tips sent in by viewers.

When I do an Internet search because I want to know how to do something, like how to housebreak my new puppy or get the chocolate stain out of my white blouse, I’ll probably look for a tips article to help me out.

There are a few reasons why you need to write tips articles for your home business:

1. They’re easy to write.

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To write a tips article, begin by making a

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list of your best tips on how to do something your target audience is interested in.

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Top ten lists are popular, but if you can’t think of ten items, just list seven, five, or even three. Then write a short paragraph about each item you just listed. There’s the body of your article!

2. They’re easy for your audience to read. Lists and short chunks of text are easier to read online than are long paragraphs, which means tips articles are perfect for online reading. Make each new tip into a separating heading, to break up the text.

3. People like to read tips articles. Your audience is looking for information that is easy to read and understand. A tips article gives them what they need in a tidy little package.

When you regularly give your target market valuable information, like helpful articles and information, over time they will learn to trust your expertise. Which means, when they’re ready to buy your product or service, they’re more likely to trust you with their money too.

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