Sellers Tips

Price your home right: If your main goal is to sell your home then you need to be realistic with your pricing. If you’re going to sell your home in a market that is down in many parts of the country, you might need to be more flexible with price or concessions. No one is saying you have to compete head to head with the foreclosures that bring values down your market, but you do need to be competitive. The key is to understand what the active properties in your area are listed for and even more important the sold comparables. If you are looking to sell your home quick in this market we should consider pricing 2% less than the sold comparables. In a down market you will need to be flexible to move your property, thus try not to become emotionally attached to a price. Remember just because you paid a XYZ price 3 years ago doesn’t mean your home is now worth that amount.

Make sure the home has curb appeal: Buyers are picky, thus they will pick the best home available for their money, so you need to make sure you have the best curb appeal possible. This will allow you to compete with the other active properties and in some cases get a premium price over your competition. Make sure the outside of your home is clean, exterior paint is fresh & bright, lighting is working and up to date. Make sure your grass is green and plants are fresh and alive, as a few dollars spent on colorful flowers make a huge difference. Drive your competition and make sure yours looks the best from the outside. Ask your self, “would I want to live there?”

Clear the home of clutter: If your home is full of clutter it will give the appearance it is a much smaller home. Having stacks of paper pilled up everywhere is not going to give the impression of a warm, spacious home, so make sure you clear these out. Secondly try to impersonalize your home by removing some of the personable items. Buyers want to picture themselves living there which is easier if they don’t see tons of your pictures everywhere. Don’t overcrowd your home with unnecessary furniture, think less is more. Also, make sure the items in each room belong….so take that treadmill out of your dining room. One of the most important rooms to be clutter free is the kitchen. Remember buyers love kitchens and they all want large roomy spaces to cook in. If you have cereal boxes & can goods everywhere, plus your counters are full of stuff it will not give that appearance.

Fix big problems: As I mentioned earlier buyers are picky….they will notice the big fix items. Buyers typically are unrealistic in their perception on what items cost to repair. More often then not they will over exaggerate repair cost. Thus is your home has items that need attention, than FIX them. If you have holes in the walls, stained/dirty carpet, broken glass in a window, peeling/cracking linoleum, or a really ugly paint color than take the time to fix them. I have relationships with several handymen around Denver, which I can recommend if you need help getting items fixed.

Pay attention to negative feedback: Once your home is listed pay attention to the feedback you receive from potential buyers and their agents. If an item comes up over and over than you will need to address this in order to sell your home. For example, if you continually hear from potential buyers that they love your house but hate that 1970’s yellow dishwasher, than maybe it is time to spend $500 and replace that item. The key is to remove any potential reason that would keep a buyer from selecting your home. Most items are not nearly as costly to fix as you think, plus you will be able to get a higher price tag on your home.

Consider staging the house: If you need to sell your home vacant than you may want to consider hiring a staging company. You could have your entire home staged professionally for a very reasonable price. I have several in town that I can recommend. Another option is to work with furniture rental companies, such as Court Furniture. You can rent furniture on a monthly basis from them for one room or an entire house. If you tour new builds typically all builders use stagers, so pay attention to the look and feel and try to emulate the look at your own house.

Offer bonuses to agents or buyers: Another good strategy is to consider using an agent bonus for the buyer’s agent. If you incent the buyer’s agent they will help to promote your home even harder to their pool of buyers. Offer closing costs paid as another way to help a buyer chose your home. I have also seen strategies where a seller will offer a flat screen TV, or paid vacation to a buyer of their home.

Use the internet to help market your home: I always encourage sellers to use a professional photography company that can develop an on-line tour of their home. Promote the tour on the internet to help drive buyers to your home. I have experience here and can help you with this strategy. There are many sites out there including,,,, etc that you need to active on. Social media outlets are a huge way to promote your home. Neighbors are also a great source of potential buyers, as they typically have family & friends looking to move into the neighborhood.

Not all agents are created equal: Be selective here, and make sure you find an agent who understands the market and the specifics around neighborhoods. I have great experience here and a track record to prove it. I understand the challenges associated with first time buyers, investors, and people looking to “move up”. A good agent should be able to speak clearly to marketing and sales strategies and be up to date on new trends and tools.

If you have showings keep your house clean: Make sure that if you have an open house your house is spotless. I suggest keeping your home clean at all times when it is listed as showings can happen without much notice. I know many cleaning services that can come 2 x a month while your house is listed to keep it in tip top shape. When you have a showing leave the home; as potential buyers don’t feel comfortable viewing you home while you are there. Remember they want to picture themselves living there which is not possible if you are home too.