Top 10 List for Selling a Home

By shaye • July 27th, 2010

When selling a home it the little things that make a big difference. Here is a top 10 list for home sellers. In the next newsletter we’ll give you a list for buying a home.

1. Odors – Having odors in the home is a real deterrant to potential buyers. Be sure to give your home a great scent before any showings with candles, baking fresh bread, potpouri.

2. Dirty Bathrooms – Beyond cleaning, take care of simple things like placing a new toilet tissue roll on the spindle and replacing the shower curtain. If the throw rugs look worn replace those as well. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to look well appointed and smell nice.

3. Brighten Up – Replace light bulbs that have gone out, put brighter light bulbs in dark rooms and open up the drapes to let the light in. People don’t like darkness in a home, be sure to add plenty of light to your home.

4. Bugs – That one word says it all! Before showing your home take the time to do a bit of extermination either on your own or professionally. Professionals will generally tuck pest capture devices away from eyesight to keep unwanted guests from spoiling your prospective buyer’s home tour.

5. Curb Appeal – The first impression is the most important. Take the time to tidy up the lawn, do a bit of edging, put out a planter of bright yellow flowers by the door and take some time to clean your gutters! This will help welcome your guests.

6. Get Rid of Family – Oh that sounds harsh! While family photos are warm and inviting to you, they take away the potential for your home buyer to see their memories in your home. Put all but a few family photos.

7. Pets – Some people are frightened by pets so try to take the pets with you when your home is being shown. This may be difficult to do but it will allow the potential buyers to really look at and enjoy your home without a barking dog or cat wanting attention.

9. Staging – Consider a home staging professional. A home stager can give you further advise to assist in giving your home maximum appeal and help you bring in a better offer.

10. Don’t Go It Alone – Real estate professionals can help you with everything from setting a price, finding someone to stage the home, handling negotiations and so much more.

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Linda Beehler started Beehler Realty with her husband, Ray, on February 3, 1993. They started small, just them and one other agent and grew steadily until today’s office of 22 agents.

They opened their office in Haysville because they live in the community. Their children attend school there and they were active in community events as well as children’s sports. Haysville was home and they wanted to make it home for their business also. Just because their office is in Haysville doesn’t stop them from selling lots of homes in metro-Wichita area and all suburban areas around Wichita. You will see yellow signs

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