Top 10 Tips For Selling Your Family Home.sell Your House In A Recession

By shaye • July 12th, 2010

Top 10 tips for selling your family home quickly. Sell your House in a recession.

1. You need to think BUYER THOUGHTS if you really want to move and to sell your family home
2. When you decide to put your house on the market forsale.You need to come away from the idea that this is your home and that you have put your own stamp on it and are not prepared for change
3. Think that you want to sell to any new buyer, not an old married couple with any family, so you open up the buying market for a much wider market audience
.4.Are you tidy? Potential buyers who may want to buy your house don’t want to look at clutter all over the place even under the stairs. If yours is untidy it may suggest you need a clearout before you leave your family home. Lots of clutter and mess suggests to new owners there is not enough storage room to store their very own clutter and junk.
5. Before you sell your house Start by having 3 boxes to have a clear out, have one for junk one box to keep and one box to give away to charity. Every family member must co-operate even the kids. Has the new house the room to store the extra clutter when you leave? Is the item too old and will never get used?

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Is it an item being kept just for keepings sake or if you don’t know and decide to keep it just in case? If there is still too much, clear away even more junk.
6. When you decide to sell your family home decide is the place really clean or are carpets dirty, Bathroom, Toilet, Sinks, if you can’t afford to replace them get them cleaned and spruced up. Remove any stains, Empty and move ash trays, Take out cat littler trays when visitors come to look around. Bath the dogs or let them stay at friends house for the weekend and have show house weekends for a lot of new owners to browse through at once.
7. Apply new paints throughout every room in Neutral calm, cream colours the best options for removing your own personal touches. Think of the future of your new home and putting your stamp on this one not the one you are leaving behind.
8. dress a room with less but simple shade carried through every room i.e. on a cream sofa add chocolate cushions, if you need to buy new take them with you when you move into your new house.
9. Don’t empty the house of its soul, its like a blank canvas new buyers cant get an idea of their own furniture in it if it feels empty, creating a warm family home is much better for customers to visualize them selves what it would be like moving in.
10.Remember the outside a buyer will look at the outside and see if you care about the gardens or if the door could do with a coat of paint add hanging baskets even in winter put in plastic plants it all makes a difference. Clear away rubbish bags or move a smelly dustbin away. All the best with your sale we hope you sell it quickly…
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