What Can Home Staging Do For You? Sell Your Home at a Higher Price and at a Quicker Rate

By shaye • July 19th, 2010

Maybe you found your dream house and need to sell you Steps To Get Your Ex Back With You rs immediately, or maybe you are someone who buys and sells house to make a profit; whatever the case, presenting your home in the best possible manner is key to selling it quickly. You want your house to make potential buyers feel welcome and comfortable, and you especially want key assets in the home to shine through. Barren empty rooms, boring long hallways, and dull dreary colors are not helpful to people’s imaginations; many times this alone can dissuade people from

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buying. Apart from deterring away buyers, empty homes also push real estate agents away due to the fact the homes are harder to sell.

Interesting enough is the fact that instead of lowering a listing price, simply spending some extra cash to fix the home up or make it look nice can make a bigger difference when selling it. The key to doing this correctly is planning ahead. If you know when the next open house is, something as simple as renting furniture can give your house an edge on other homes.

Investing in inexpensive but tasteful furniture is a brilliant idea if you are someone who buys and sells house frequently. Doing so can help you save money instead of having to constantly rent furniture, and it will also save you time always having to pick out furniture. It would be ideal to have several matching sets to match different homes colors and flow.

Your real estate agent is a really good source for information on staging a home for resale, and can make suggestions that are quite useful. There are professional staging services that can come in and assess the home, tell you what is needed, what color of paint should be used in which rooms, how to arrange things in the best way, etc. Many of these companies can even provide their own people to come in and make changes that are needed.

Do not fool yourself into thinking the inside of a house is the only area staging can be done or is important. The very first thing people see when they walk up the driveway is the yard and exterior of the home, and first impressions can be vital to selling the property. Simple things, like keeping the lawn cut and watered, can make the yard look surprisingly better. Other things like painting garage doors and replacing front doors can do the same thing, and can also raise the value of the home.

Staging the yard to seem child and pet friendly is a fantastic idea if you are trying to present the house as a family dwelling. Simple ideas such as setting up a small playground or a sandbox, adding some toys, or setting up a

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cheap kennel can jump start peoples imaginations. Making it easy for people to envision their family living in the home makes it easier to sell the home.

There are many other tips and advice for you online, or from any local real estate agent. Not only can they help suggest improvements you can do on your own, but what professional services are available for your needs. With a little staging, the home you are trying to sell will make more warm and friendly, and will probably sell much more quickly then emptier ones of the same value.

Jodi Lampert is an Accredited Staging Professional along with the proud owner of Home Spaces Staged, and she understands the differences between living in a home and selling a home. Learn about the information Jodi has on selling a house quickly and the home staging services she offers.


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