Why Buying Investment Properties Is A Simple As Farming

By shaye • June 10th, 2010

Buying investment properties is like farming. Farmers plant the crops, nurture them, and wait for them to grow. And when the time to harvest the crops comes, farmers are in a festive mood because they can now obtain the fruits of their labor. Real estate investors, on the other hand, invest in properties and fix them up before finding homebuyers. And once the investors close a transaction with a buyer, they are like farmers who have enjoyed a bountiful harvest.

Like healthy crops, profitable investment properties must be “sown” in the right place. Meaning, a real estate investor should be mindful of the areas that he’s going to invest in. As farmers do not plant crops on barren lands, a real estate investor shouldn’t buy houses in neighborhoods that would scare potential homebuyers away. Instead, he should look for investment properties that are located in great school districts, as we all those that have access to transportation and proximity to important establishments such

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as hospitals, grocery stores, and recreational centers.

Aside from choosing the best areas to invest in, a prolific real estate investor knows the importance of leaving his emotions at home when buying investment properties. If he let his emotions rule his head when handling real estate deals or choosing houses to invest in, he won’t be able to get the return on investments that he is expecting.

Like a prolific farmer, a real estate investor shouldn’t buy houses without having proper knowledge. Does a farmer just plant crops without knowing what the best fertilizer to use is or which method of farming would yield a better harvest? Of course not. Those who cultivate crops for a living study farming techniques first before they start planting crops. The same thing can be said for successful real estate investors. They don’t attempt buying properties without having an idea on what real estate investing is.

Farming and buying investment properties have, indeed, lots of things in common. With the proper techniques, dedication and commitment to one’s chosen field, as well as the right mindset and attitude, an ordinary person can achieve huge success.

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