Why Pre-foreclosures are a Good Buy

By shaye • July 2nd, 2010
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With the current financial atmosphere in the United States, pre-foreclosures are abundant. Pre-foreclosures are properties that are in default by the homeowner and in the last stages before the bank repossess them. The homeowner is still able to correct the situation if he/she can come up with the money to make his payments current. If the homeowner, who is still in control, can pay his debt making his loan current, then the pre-foreclosure settles, and the owner remains in his

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home as long as he/she keeps making the payments – things go back to normal. However, many homeowners are in deep waters and are unable to make their loans current; therefore, they put their homes for sale, in a desperate final attempt to pay the bank, and in the hopes of making a small profit, if any.

In today’s market, prices are all over the place – they just do not make much sense. This is in part to many pre-foreclosure homeowners lowering the price of their homes as much as they can, to get out of the home they cannot afford and pay the bank. They are competing with legitimate homes for sale, which the current owner wants to sell, but is not in a hurry. This is why you can see the huge gap in home prices in a particular area. You can take advantage of this situation as a home buyer, and look for your dream home.

Most likely, the homeowner who has no other choice, but to sell the home, will accept any offer that comes close to what he/she needs to get for the home to pay the bank and cover his/her expenses. This is where you make your triumphant entrance, as a home buyer, and place your offer.

Most homeowners in pre-foreclosures will not be able to pay a commission to a Real Estate Agent; therefore, you will have the advantage of dealing with the owner yourself. It is advisable that you learn about the process of buying a home and consult your lawyer to be on the safe side. Real Estate transactions are not as easy as most people think, and there are possible scenarios

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that only a lawyer will be able to deal with. Since you are doing the negotiation yourself, without an agent, you need to make sure that the title to the property is clear as far as ownership. Your lawyer will do this for you.

Another benefit is that pre-foreclosures are abundant in this market and you will have less competition that if you were to buy a foreclosure, were there are more investors and property flippers trying to get the better deals. You will get a very good home, probably better then you would be able to afford in a normal market, and at extraordinary savings. If you are thinking of buying a home, do not hesitate to look at pre-foreclosures first.

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