Working With Today's Real Estate Market

By admin • June 17th, 2010

Suppose you’re looking at investing in a particular stock, but the market is active and it’s priced much higher than you’d like. It’s probably a good idea to wait until there is a bit of slump, and then sell at a higher profit. Similarly, if you already have that stock, you may consider selling at a profit while the price is up. There are pros and cons to any type of economic climate; play it effectively, and you can make the system work to your advantage.

The real estate market is no exception to this rule. After experiencing years of an active market and inflated prices, sales have slowed down creating an excess of homes available for sale. Buyers received mortgages, who should not have qualified for credit. This has resulted, sadly, in the loss of their homes or serious cash flow problems as they try and maintain their payments. Presently, we’re experiencing the fallout as the market adjusts itself. Those overly high prices, once demanded, are decreasing somewhat, to a more realistic value. Homes are also selling closer to their asking price, as opposed to the old days of price auctions.

These changes are not all negative, at least not if you learn how to go with the current market flow and work with it. Here are a few of the seemingly negative aspects of today’s market, along with their positive flip side.

Downside: Excess of homes on the market.

Upside: The greatest advantage for any buyer is competition; something that we have no shortage of in today’s real estate market. There are plenty of properties to choose from and prices are competitive. Sellers are also providing more incentives, sometimes even covering closing costs. New developers are so anxious to sell they are offering thousands of dollars of incentives with their new homes. Sellers who understand this and market their home properly can have an edge over other property owners who refuse to make any concessions.

Downside: Homes are no longer commanding the high prices.

Upside: The prices have not dropped as much as they have leveled off to more realistic prices. This feeds the current buyer’s market, making it an excellent time to buy a home. The seller needs to make adjustments to their thinking; however, and realize the once high price they sought after for their home, may not be realistic. In this market, if a house is priced within a reasonable range, and presented well, it will sell.

This attractive buyer’s market will also invite reinvestment. A buyer who wasn’t otherwise contemplating a move may do so under the current conditions. In addition, don’t forget about the tax incentives for buying a home, including the mortgage interest deduction and the property tax deductions.

The market has also created a renewed interest in purchasing older homes in need of restoration; a practice that has resulted in some tidy profits for many smart investors.

Downside: Loss of homes

Upside: As unfortunate and tragic it is to see people lose their homes, this has created an awareness where laws are being changed, and much stricter rules for money lenders are being implemented. This has also created numerous opportunities for foreclosure sales; however, there is speculation as to the actual savings with these properties.

One thing for certain, the market is forever changing and these conditions will not remain constant forever. Be smart, adjust your strategies with the current market climate and you’ll come out ahead. Make certain that you work with a professional realtor who understands the market and will help you make informed decisions about your investment.

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