Your Real Estate Marketing Program Isn’t Working Because of These 4 Reasons

By shaye • July 4th, 2010

No matter how you decide to market your property, your real estate marketing program needs to be pre-planned to compete effectively in this crowded marketplace.

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Rushing into the market with uncoordinated efforts will result in failure. Similarly, relying on yesterday’s warmed over ideas that worked in a

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completely different market environment is also a recipe for disaster. Lately, property owners or agents are making classic mistakes that snuff out their marketing efforts before they even begin. If you can avoid four of these mistakes you should begin to see better results in your real estate marketing.

1)     Maintain Control Over Your Own Marketing– This rule applies to landlords, house owners, agents and brokers. Property owners are the most familiar with the property and its strengths and weaknesses and need to be engaged throughout the process. The owner will know what features best describe a property and what features to downplay in order to reflect the property in the best light.  Real estate agents specializing in a particular type of property need to maintain their own control over their marketing efforts and resist the temptation to turn the marketing over to others less experienced. The most knowledgeable person involved with the property must be involved at the front end in setting up the marketing program so that the proper mix of benefits and features are being exposed to Prospects.


2)     Falling in Love with Expensive Ads – The most effective marketing targets the best prospects for your property. The highest probability of successfully selling or renting is by getting in front the most capable prospects. High end brand name magazines and newspapers may be alluring in terms of getting in front of select prospects, but you are gambling by using them. Advertising in expensive print media or unfocused online venues rarely deliver qualified leads. Sales reps for glossy magazines will often times speak to the benefits of “branding” by using their channel, but that doesn’t do you any good when you need a rental or sale right away. This is code for taking your money. Advertising should be strategically placed where you are sure your prospects reside and where you can “track” the effectiveness of the ads. Without tracking everything you do in your advertising program, you are flying blind and likely to fail in your efforts.


3)     Placing Too Much Emphasis on One Marketing Tactic – In today’s overly saturated information market, you need to communicate to prospects where ever they are, including both offline and online. Don’t rely on your property signs or the local online aggregator to get your property sold or rented. You will be missing too many other prospects. If you are an agent, don’t assume the MLS will do your marketing for you or hope that open houses will deliver the perfect prospect. All communication channels need to be covered and they should all point to your carefully prepared property presentation that will convey the property’s message most persuasively. Choreograph the use of brochures, aggregators, signs, websites, HUBS, social online marketing, pre-recorded telephone messages, the MLS and print media ads so that they all point to your target presentation. It’s not hard once you sit down ahead of time and plan it out.  Amazing things happen to you and your marketing program with proper planning and a commitment to employ all of the channels available to you.


4)     Failure to Make Use of Sight and Sound in Your Property Marketing – Real estate is perfect for showing in full living color and markets well with images, video, music, sight, sound and the written word. All of these need to be captured in your marketing efforts. Prospects want to be entertained. They want to get every piece of information available to them and see everything they can before making their decision.  Persuade your prospects using videos, cialis wiki

narration, carefully prepared scripts and images to ramp up the enthusiasm. Don’t think that a couple of pictures with some boring text that an aggregator (or the MLS) forces on you will do the trick. Your best prospects won’t spend any time with your property and will simply move on to the property that is more interesting. Take full advantage of the benefits real estate offers and prepare interesting and captivating marketing.

The above four marketing mistakes can sink your efforts almost before you even get started. Avoid these and you will greatly improve your odds of success. Real estate should encourage your creativity which will allow you to standout from the crowd. That is the basis of a good real estate marketing program. Find out where your prospects spend their time and get in front of them, persuade them to come to your pre-prepared presentation and educate them about the benefits your property will provide to them and finally, get them to see your property and force them to make a decision.

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