Your Total Real Estate Marketing Strategy

By shaye • May 31st, 2010

There are as many different ways to market to your prospective customer base as you can think of. What has to come first is for

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you to think about your complete strategy when looking at the big picture of your real estate marketing. This article will look at how you can know what people are thinking about your brand, how this information can be used to develop a strategy, and then what marketing tools you can use to accomplish your strategy.

The first and foremost key in developing your real estate marketing strategy is to get in touch with what your customers thinking and saying about your brand. You have to know when your current strategy is successful or not. You also have to know whether you are communicating to the segment of your customer audience that you are truly shooting for. If you market luxury homes selling for a million dollars or more but your mailings are hitting households earning $50,000; your marketing aim is off. This research can happen in several different ways. You could do an informal conversation when talking with different customers or prospects. You could hire a company to run a focus group for you to get true findings that can be validated. You can go as far as you need to but it is necessary that you are comfortable with how the end result is gathered.

The research has helped at this point so that you can see if your perception of your marketing and your customers’ perception of your marketing are disconnected at all. This can help you determine whether or not you can continue or must modify your current marketing strategy or simply need to go back to the drawing board. You have built a foundation of your current brand perception. You now have to determine where you want your business to go and this goal should determine what your marketing strategy should be.

The final part is to think about what marketing tools need to be incorporated into your real estate marketing strategy. You can use direct mail, ads at houses, newspaper ads, television ads, websites, mobile text messaging, or guerrilla marketing. The tools that you use are going to be determined by the budget that you have. This will be determined by your decision as far as the direction of the business and the size of the business as well.

Your real estate marketing strategy depends upon zero-based thinking. You must create your strategy based upon where your brand is today and build from that point. If you build strategy based upon where you think your brand is, you have set yourself up for failure. You may be communicating a good message to an incorrect audience. It is necessary to go back on a periodic basis to check on your marketing strategy to ensure that it is relevant as well. Think about companies changing their message during the past recession. These same changes happen in the real estate market as well.

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